Harry potter and the Sorcerer’s stone

My name is corey and i’m reading Harry Potter.Harry Potter is my favorite book. When I read I wonder why they treat harry like that. they  give him dirty clothes and socks. And they bulley him. And they lied to him about how his parent’s died. they said they died in a car crash.And they won’t let him read his mail about hugwarts. one day uncle vernon nailed wood on to the door so Harry couldn’t  get any mail. mail started coming down chemne.And burst through the door. so they moved.And it was Harry’s  Birthday on Tuesday. at midnight  it was his birthday. And some one was knocking at the door.And the door got kicked down.I’m gonna skip a cople thing’s. I wonder if you even like Harry potter.Because I  do. If you do i’m pretty sure you will like the book And all the  book’s.And movies like I do.hope you do.

3 thoughts on “Harry potter and the Sorcerer’s stone

  1. I, too, felt sorry for how Harry was treated by his aunt, uncle, and cousin. As you continue reading the series, you may discover some jealousy there.

    How would you have handled being in Harry’s living situation?

    Mrs. Kepsel

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